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Discover the magic of Schumann resonance in real time! Our online monitoring of the Schumann resonance provides you with a unique opportunity to monitor changes in this phenomenon right now. Observe the current values of the Schumann resonance and study its graphs on our website. Find out what is happening with the Schumann resonance today and what changes are taking place in its parameters. Our website offers a reliable and convenient way to monitor the Schumann resonance in real time. Immerse yourself in the world of amazing sounds and energy of Schumann resonance today!

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Schumann Resonances

?? Online monitoring of the Schumann Resonance

the first harmonic of the Schumann resonance the second harmonic of the Schumann resonance the third harmonic of the Schumann resonance the fourth harmonic of the Schumann resonance the fifth harmonic of the Schumann resonance the sixth harmonic of the Schumann resonance
Time: 1h
02:51 - 19/05/24


Online monitoring of the energies of planet Earth and interplanetary space
Schumann Resonance
1,2,3,4,5 and 6 harmonics of Schumann waves
Solar Wind
Magnetic field and solar radiation
Proton Intensity
Helium Intensity


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👋 What are we going to do next?

Our original and technically very accurate monitoring will be added for some time (the ionosphere, the earth's magnetic field, ephemerides, various solar radiations to a complete set, later with the help of which we will observe with you many behavioral qualities of a community of people in various fields, for example in finance.